Descale Your Way To Saving Money!

Did you know that cleaning and protecting your appliances from limescale with a effective descaler could reduce your electiricty bills? Whilst you may be looking at ways to reduce your bills with more obvious ways such as checking lights are turned off when not in use and turning down the heating, this is one method which is often overlooked. By removing limescale deposits with regular descaling your appliances will also work more effectively. This is easily done by making use of the many limescale removers available, such as the Easy-Do Hobcare Kettle Descaler. This stainless steel mesh is suitable for All Stainless Steel & Plastic Kettles. It inhibits new scale formation, saves energy and helps extend life Kettle life.limescale removers

DecalerFor descaling washing machines and dishwashers, the Kilrock Descalene Descaler for Washing Machines & Dishwashers is ideal being a powerful multi purpose descaler ideal for descaling larger appliances. The pack contains 2 x 50g doses and is safe & easy to use. It’s also suitable for kettles, irons, coffee machines & shower heads.

If you want to simplify your dscaling use a general purpose descaler such as the dynamic descaler Kilrock Multi Appliance Descaler Tablets 3 effective doses per pack. The descaling tablets are wrapped in water soluble film and there’s no need to unwrap tablet, just drop it in… bringing washing detergent innovation to descaling! Superior performance to supermarket descalers, it’s easy to use, safe on hands, no mess and as mentioned saves electricity!

Destroys limescale
For metal & plastic kettles

Shower Heads
Clears blocked jets
Restores full power

Washing Machines
Removes limescale from all vital parts of the machine

Coffee Machines
Clears blocked pipes
Restores efficiency

Steam Irons
Descales water chamber
Effective steam & easy ironing

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