Travel Sick Remedy – Acustraps for Adults & Children

Suffer from Sickness? Acustraps save the day! Caraselle Pack of 2 Acustraps * Two wristbands per pack. * Drug free. * Suitable for both children

Lint Roller Refills

If you already own a Pet Hair Sticky Roller no doubt you know the many, many benefits, but one in particular is the handle which is both easy to use,

Prevent Clothes Moths and Food Moths Now!

Moths have made a comeback. You may think they've gone away, but with the milder weather we have been experiencing they are now more of a threat than

Drink Pourers & Juicers – An Amazing Selection!

With so many really useful Kitchen Accessories on the Caraselle site it's hard to talk about just a couple of them, but when it comes to pouring aids

Ironing Board Cover – New Movie Just In!

Caraselle Stick & Fit Self Adhesive Large Ironing Board Cover Movie A recent blog mentioned the brilliant and new Self Adhesive Ironing Board Cov

Microfiber Pet Drying Towel: New To The Range!

Caring for a pet takes a lot of time, which is why anything that makes things easier and quicker is a bonus! Investing in a Microfiber Pet Drying Towe

Clean Up In A Whizz With A Crumb Brush

However fastidious you are about cleaning your kitchen there is no way to avoid crumbs building up on the worktop and other surfaces. Everyone hates t

Ironing Board Covers That Mean Less Ironing!

Caraselle Stick & Fit Self Adhesive Large Ironing Board Covers Almost everyone hates ironing, but there's no getting away from it! There are howe

Free Delivery At Caraselle Direct!

Why pay for Delivery if you don't have to? One of the many benefits to joining Club Caraselle is one day of Free Delivery each week. Picked at random

Kill Bed Bugs With These Solutions

Making use of products such as a Lint Roller, bed mattress cover and suitable products such as New Bed Bug Killer Aerosol will help to detect, prevent