What to take on a Caravan Holiday

Some of the best holidays you can have, especially if you have kids, can be those that take place in a caravan! And budget breaks, such as caravan holidays, are continuing to do well in recent times as people still aim to have a break but need to tighten their purse strings at the same time. So with this key trend on the increase since the recession, what are the best items to take to utilise the all important break from home (even if you aren’t leaving the country!)

With the growing popularity of Caravan Holidays Caraselle have increased their range of Car, Caravan and Motorhome Accessories. Check out the top ten items below before you go to ensure you have everything you need :

1. Kitchen essentials such as tea towels, sponges and washing up brushes, cleaners. If you’re taking your pet don’t forget the all essential Pet Hair Roller Brush to ensure things don’t get too messy, too quickly! This mini roller brush is perfect when space is limited

cup holder

cup holder

2. Food essentials such as coffee, tea, sugar, butter, bread and long life milk. You’ll find a cup holder incredibly useful when travelling generally, but especially when in a caravan. These muggi cup holders are perfect, they’re insulating – keeps drinks warmer longer, Non-absorbent so stays clean & dry and washable in soapy water

3. Your mobile phone – esepcially if you are not staying a larger recreational site. A torch is also very useful for making sure you can find your caravan after an evening out! This mini torch is particularly useful because not only is it easy to use (standing or hand held), but it also includes a useful mini fan with soft safety fan blades so is perfect when things get a bit hot! It’s perfect to take away in a caravan because it’s both portable & compact.

4. Check with the campsite what linen you need to take and don’t forget towels – for swimming and the bathroom

5. Fly trap: You may really regret forgetting this one! This Pack of 4 x Powerful Fly Papers is a traditional method of trapping flies. These sticky paper strips are hung up to trap any flies on contact. Simply untwist & hang up for immediate use, with a drawing pin & hanging loop provided, you simply dispose of in the bin when full. Each tube can catch up to 100 flies making them the perfect Fly Catcher

6. Depending on what weather you are expecting, caravans are known for getting hot in the day and cold at night, so make sure you have a small heater if necessary

7. If you staying on a site with a laundrette it is a good idea to reduce the extra volume of possibly unessecary clothes and making use of the laundrette facility instead! To further reduce the volume of your clothing take some vacuum bags too, such as these Travel Vacuum Seal Bag Packs (2 bags per pack). They’ll go a long way in reducing bulk and giving you more space. There are two bags (large and medium) which are re-usable clear sealing bags, and all the air can be squeezed out by rolling the bag up. The clothes will retain their original shape and size.

8. Plastic covers. Protect the clothes in your wardrobe from dust and most importantly moths, which can be a big issue. They’re also a brilliant way of easily moving clothing to and from your home and caravan

caravan hanger

caravan hanger

9. Hotel Hangers to stop your clothes bouncing off the rail in your caravan. You may not have thought of this one, but some customers certainly have, see what they say about them:

Review starReview starReview starReview starReview star
katherine – Wednesday, 30th June 2010
Purchased for my caravan, I’m fed up with the hangers bouncing off the rail. Excellent quality, also lightweight.
Review starReview starReview starReview starReview star Anne – Saturday, 10th April 2010
great buy for us now when we travel in our caravan our clothes will stay on the hangers hooray

10. Finally.. don’t forget the toilet paper!

These are just a small selection, to see the whole range and for lots of ideas of useful items to have in your caravan see the complete Car, Caravan and Motorhome Accessories Range >>

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