How To Remove Deodorant Stains

Don’t throw away any top with deodorant stains, Deo Go will get rid of them!

Deodorant Stains can be a real problem. They are inevitable when using certain deodorants but they can with time leave your clothing un-usable. There are methods for removing these stains, but they are especially difficult to get rid of just through washing. Now there is a very simple way of removing antiperspirant stains from your clothing. It’s called Deo Go and it’s ideal for getting out sweat marks on Shirts and T-shirts. Recommended by the Good Housekeeping Institute, this brilliant stain remover will get rid of sweat stains, even the most stubborn under-arm stains. Manufactured in the UK, you can now get rid of your Deodorant Stains not your Shirts !

deodorant stains

Get rid of deodorant stains with Deo Go

How does it work? Over time regular use of anti-perspirants give a discoloured appearance to the underarm area of tops. The fabric can seem stiffer than other areas and many people see this as the end of life for their garment, throwing them away. Simply spray Deo Go onto the stained area of the armpit and leave to work for about 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the stain. You can speed up the time it takes to work by scrubbing with a short bristled brush a little. Once it has had time to dissolve the deodorant residue put it on the garment’s regular wash cycle following the washing instructions. A little time may save you a lot of money!

Of course helping to prevent the stains happening is also a good idea. Try using a natural deodorant when possible, such as a Crystal Deodorant. This one is an easy to use stick which is made from 100% natural products, is un-scented and sensitive on your skin and as a result can be used on any part of your body because there are no harmful chemicals.

There are many benefits to using a natural deodorant:

* They address the problem of odours by hindering the process of bacterial growth without blocking the pores on the skin and without interfering with the process of cooling the body through perspiration
* Tests have confirmed their hypoallergenic nature
* They offer a non-sticky way of neutralizing underarm odour and offer all-day protection
* They are stain free and have a shelf life of 10-12 months

Armed with a natural deodorant you can save your future clothes from sweat marks (and save your skin from irritation). Armed with Deo-Go can rescue any clothing that you thought was ruined by sweat stains! Blitz away sweat marks with no fuss!

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