FREEZING FEET? You need some Boot Warmers!

Whether you’re a dog walker, gardener or just wearing boots for Winter you’ll want to know about these warmers because when the weather gets cold there’s no substitute for cosy fleece liners in your boots! And these machine washable fleece boot liners in charcoal grey are absolutely ideal. Particularly useful because they are removable and machine washable so you can keep them nice and fresh and you can use them in new and old boots and wellies! They are now available in 3 sizes – UK sizes 4–6, 7–9, 10–12

boot liner wellie warmers

Boot Warmers

These Lovely Warm 100% Polyester Fleece Wellie Boot Warmers are made of machine washable fleece and are just part of the ever extending range of Caraselle Shoe and Boot Accessories. If you are a regular Wellie Wearer another very useful product is the Wellington Boot Remover. Wellies can often tricky to get off and this can be of particular help to anyone who finds bending down to remove wellies difficult and awkward! It’s a very useful tool for removing your dirty boots without getting your hands dirty! It also gets rid of excess mud & dirt.

tyger paw boot cleaner

Tyger Paw Boot and Carpet Cleaner

Trying to get rid of mud from your wellies and football boots? The Tyger Paw is a unique tool that effectively cleans your sporty footwear of encrusted mud and dirt. The Tyger Paw is a UK-designed brush constructed of Thermoplastic Elastomer, a non-abrasive material which is strong, durable and waterproof. The base is made up of bristles of differing lengths and tensile strengths which efficiently remove ingrained dirt, grass and mud. The upper side is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and has a strap so you get a good grip as you’re cleaning your footwear. Just hold the sole of the shoe or boot under running water, slip the Tyger Paw on and scrub gently. The Tyger Paw does the rest.

It has other uses too. The Tyger Paw also tackles dried mud on carpets and mats. And because its bristles don’t get clogged up, it’s very effective at removing pet hair so it’s ideal for cleaning floor runners and horse blankets. If you’re interested in Tyger Paw you’ll also be interested in a brand new product to the Caraselle Shoe Accessories Range, Greeper Laces are a fantastic innovation saving you having to tie your shoelaces ever again! – once applied always tied! With a quick release & fastening this strong & durable design is Innovative British Design at its Best! It’s ideal for Shoes, Trainer & Sports Shoes with up to six pairs of eyelets. Machine washable, they are available in Black & White.  Real laces for optimum support & performance!

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