Welly winter weather is here

Brrr… when January’s freezing weather arrives, it’s time to bring out the wellington boots. Caraselle specialises in welly-wear so that your wellies are always comfortable and ready to wear.

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Fleece Liner Wellie Warmers

One essential at this cold time of year is a pair of wellie warmers. These machine-washable fleece liners turn your wellies into snug, warm boots. Ideal for gardeners and dog walkers, once you’ve tried them, you’ll never wear your wellies without them. They’re available in three sizes: UK 4-6 (euro 37-39), UK 7-9 (euro 41-43) and UK 10-11 (euro 44-46). In charcoal grey, they look smart with any coloured wellies and are a bargain at just £9.99 per pair.

If you have trouble tucking your jeans into your wellies, try a pair of Strupz. This ingenious little device prevents jeans bunching up at the top of your boots. They’re easy to fit and comfortable to wear. Just clip to the hem of your jeans, stretch the elasticated strap under your foot and hey presto, no more baggy jeans above your wellies. Available in pink and black, they cost just £9.99.

When it comes to removing wellies, there’s a simple way to avoid that frustrating tussle with slimy wet boots. Caraselle’s Wellington Boot Remover is a strong, weather-proof, plastic boot remover that grips your wellington boot and easily removes it from your foot without you having to stoop and grip the dirty sole. It’s the easiest, quickest way for all the family to take their wellies off for just £6.99.

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Folding Wellies

For storing wellies, Caraselle’s WelliTop Clip On Cover for Wellies protects your wellies and makes them easy to keep in a hallway, cupboard or car. The WelliTop clips the boots together and has a welly-shaped cover to prevent the invasion of spiders and other pests. Made to fit adult sizes 3 to 12, it’s ideal for all the family’s wellies, protecting them from rain, leaves or dust, and has a clever handle so you can carry your wellies in pairs. At £9.99, this is the cleverest welly gadget around and the best solution to sort out that tangle of wellies cluttering up the hallway in winter.

Ladies, if you’re looking for a little luxury this year, Caraselle has size 5 and size 6 Ladies Folding Fleece Lined Welly Boots in stock. These lightweight, waterproof welly boots come in black with a fashionable red trim. They fold into the custom-made pouch so they can be tucked in your bag or car boot ready for use. This is a brilliant British design for just £49.99 so order now while they’re still in stock.

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