Bug Catchers… without harming them!

We are starting to see more creepies in the house now that things are getting colder outside… and who can blame them? Spiders, bugs, daddy long legs, even the odd wasp are making an appearance as house guests. Some people may be wondering what all the fuss is about, whilst others will be reading this thinking any device that allows you to get such insects out without getting too close to them is a godsend! Because to some getting spiders and the like out of your house can be scary stuff!Spider Catcher Vacuum

Removing them without harming them is of the essence though, because although we don’t necessarily want them in our house we don’t want to harm them either. What we really need is a Bug Catcher gadget such as this new Spider Catcher Vacuum – The Spider & Insect Vac which is the perfect grabber solution. With a new Turbo Booster it safely sucks up bugs, spiders, wasps, mosquitoes, flies, bees…. and does so without harming them. Plus it does this at DOUBLE arm’s length!

Great for those too scared to get close but also great for more rational types who simply can’t reach them and so is great for removing them from hard to reach areas and confined spaces. Not just for spiders though, this is also great for removing other insect such as bees, flies, wasps and all else! It is the best and most humane bug catcher out there! Judging by the amount of these that are selliing at the moment, the creepy crawlies are coming in to many people’s houses!

* No Kill
* No Mess
* No Contact
* Product length = 59cm ( 23” )
* New Turbo Booster for even greater suction
* Ideal for confined spaces & corners
* Great for Spiders, Wasps,  Mosquitoes, Flies,  Bees & more…
* Batteries not included

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