Why You Need The Whizzkleen Crumb Brush

Some products are so good they stand the test of time, and that’s why the whizzkleen crumb brush is still one of the Best Selling Products to date! The style may have changed since this advert, but it’s still quite simply brilliant at cleaning, infact it cleans up in a whizz! table sweeper

No wonder it’s used by restaurants to pick up crumbs, cigarette ends and ash from tables. But it’s also ideal for home use – in the kitchen it doesn’t matter how fastidious you are about cleaning in this room – there is no way to avoid crumbs building up on the worktop and other surfaces. The whizzkleen crumb brush is incredibly effective at removing such debris.

However it doesn’t end in the kitchen, there are many other uses for this clever little brush including cleaning the snow off your shoes and floors, cleaning dirt particles from hard to reach areas of your car and caravan (ideal for travel being so small too), cleaning areas of your carpets and rugs and it is even used to remove loose crumbs when you want a professional finish when icing a cake.

Thinking of getting a real Christmas Tree this year? Don’t  unless you get a Whizzkleen Brush! The shedding of needles creates the time consuming task of picking them up, frustrating and hard work but this little brush will become your best friend during times such as these, because this best selling product picks up Christmas Tree needles from carpet in a whizz! It’s also great picking up pins, needles and broken glass!

whizzkleen crumb brushNo plugs, no leads and no batteries are needed! Ideal for any job large or small! Hand held, easy and fast to use! They do say the best things come in small packages and the whizzkleen proves it.

See the movie and see for youself!:-

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