This Sat Nav Holder Won The British Invention Show 2011…


I call it a Sat Nav Holder, but I could just as easily call it a wireless phone holder for the car, an ipod holder, loose coins holder, car MP3 holder or indeed the CD Slot Mount: the 2011 British Invention Show Award Winner! They loved it, we love it and you’ll love it too!

car phone holderIt’s so simple & easy to use and most importantly will keep your windscreen free of attachments to give clearer road vision – the Highway Code states that windscreens and window MUST be kept clean and free from obstructions to vision – the CD Slot Mount is the best way to achieve that! Not only that, with other holders you need to wipe away the suction marks left on the window of your sat nav holder, otherwise you’re leaving tell tale signs which will be noticed by thieves who will break in to see if the unit has been left in the glove box or boot. The CD Slot Mount fits into most in-car cd players, thus removing these tell tale windscreen signs.

car phone holders for iphoneIt’s incredibly strong with a durable sticky pad and incredibly versatile. Need it to hold your mobile phone instead? No problem. Loose coins? Stick them on the sticky pad and they’ll stay there until you need them for the car park. It will hold pretty much anything you would need – Sat Nav, Mobile Phone, MP3 Player, Loose coins for parking &/or tolls, children’s dummies and more!

It will also do this safely – it provides a clearer road vision and reduces hazardous dash wires. The CD still plays and you stay safe and organised. It’s perfect for taking on holiday with you too for use in your hire car (so compact it will store neatly in your luggage). It’s made in the UK and if you want proof of how useful and clever this little holder is, look no further than the British Invention Show Awards 2011 where it won XXXXXXXXX. The customer testimonial below will show you how to use it. No longer just a great invention, but the ingenious CD Slot Mount Sat Nav Holder is now an ingenious Award Winner too! (p.s. it also makes a perfect gift for any car owner!)

Find out more about the brilliant Winner of the British Invention Show 2011 – the CD Slot Mount >>

* Designed for use with SAT NAVS. MOBILE PHONES, MP3 PLAYERS, IPODS, COINS etc
* So simple & easy to use
* Keeps the windscreen free of attachments to give clearer road vision
* Fits most in-car cd players
* Universal Mounting Pad
* CD still plays
* Durable sticky pad
* Disability friendly aid
* Stay safe within the law
* Reduce hazardous dash wires
* Made in the UK

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