Bra Angel Wash Ball at the British Invention Show 2011

It’s amazing to think that the modern bra is now over 100 years old! If only modern bras actually lasted that long! But there are many ways you can get more from your bra with the huge range of products from Bra Angel. The Bra Angel Range has not only grown in size but it’s also grown in popularity, and that’s no surprise because it holds some of our best sellers such as the Instant Bra Repair Kit, Clear Straps and now has lots more to offer too! With lots of Awards under its belt (Gold Award for Invention of The Year 2008, Double Gold Consumer Award 2008, Patent & Trade Mark Office Award 2009, Diploma Gold Award for Invention 2010, Innovative Business 2010, Top 25 Rising Stars 2010) it’s featuring again at the British Invention Show this year with the Bra Angel Wash Ball! See below>

The Bra Angel Bra Wash Ball is the original bra wash ball. Like the fantastic net washing bags, the bra wash ball works in a similar way, the difference is that our bra wash ball has been designed to maintain the shape of your padded bras as well as protect it from damage when in the washing machine drum. Bra Angel Wash Ball

Unlike other cheaper alternatives on the market The Bra Angel Bra Wash Ball will not come open when in use, and will not lose its shape or become squashed by heavier items that may be in the machine at that time. Not only that but The Bra Wash Ball has been designed not just with functionality in mind, that’s right this Wash Ball looks the part, beautifully crafted and coming in a wonderful display box so it will also make a fantastic gift. Why pay a lot of money for your beautiful bras and then have them ruined in your washing machine?

Just Place, lock and wash…  this clever ball protects your bra during washing in the washing machine and so extends the life of your valuable bra! You will not get dents or wrinkles in the cups of your bra! With the simple but unique design of the Bra Angel Bra Wash Ball you can wash your bra with confidence in your washing machine.

Simplicity with staggering results! It can be used for all types of bra. You can even wash two bras at the same time. The bra can be put in very easily. Because of the firm quality of the Bra Angel Ball it can be used regularly and lasts for years. It’s best to put it together with other laundry in a full washing machine.

Suitable for normal as well as padded bras up to and including cup size DD, take care of your bras with the fantastic Bra Angel Bra Wash Ball.

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