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Yes it’s true, the British Summer has disappointed again and it feels as though the children are going back to school having only had a small spell of nice weather to enjoy. But unfortunately it won’t be long before cleaning muddy boots and shoes after school, especially football boots and trainers, will become another dreaded school chore. Well you can console yourself with this thought – it’s got a lot easier! Even if you children aren’t willing to use this product themselves, they’ll love the name – the Caraselle Tyger Paw Trainer Cleaner Removes Mud – it’s as simple as that! See the technology behind it below – the designer can confidently say that it is the ideal tool for cleaning sports footwear, and he should know being a lifelong football fan involved in playing, coaching and managing for more than 25 years.

football boots cleanerIt removes mud from Football & Rugby Boots, Walking & Hiking Boots, Sports Shoes (and even Carpets, Mats or Runners!)

football boots cleanerThis is the Tyger Paw that the Customs did not want us to bring in!!! This product is so new in the Caraselle Range as we had a delay due to the name. The Customs thought we were bringing in live tigers when they saw the manifest.

This fantastic new product was designed to remove Mud from all types of Shoes & Boots & Carpets etc. Fantastic for Muddy Football, Rugby Boots, Hiking Boots, Wellington Boots – the soft bristles easily remove mud from in between studs & moulded soles. Quick, easy and less messy to do!

By the way you can it’s also great to remove dried mud on car carpets & mats, mud from horse blankets and a  also a very effective Pet Hair Remover.  It is waterproof & has a durable design. And before you ask – no tigers have been harmed, it’s just a name!

Tyger Paw is a Unique Product & available on a limited supply initially, so get yours now! >

Find out out the Tyger Technology

Soft bristles do not damage leather or synthetics
Bristles also different lengths and shapes to get into the sole plate and other difficult areas.
Completely waterproof
Ergonomically designed for ease of use.

The Tyger Paw Story
As a lifelong football fan I have been involved in playing, coaching and managing for more than 25 years. In that time, players’ kit, especially footwear, has evolved dramatically. Like many amateur and Sunday League footballers I cleaned my boots with whatever was available after the match – scrubbing brush, keys, biro – .all the time, wondering why there was no tool especially designed for the cleaning of boots. There was a time when black boots were all you could get. Now you can buy white boots, blue boots, orange boots, gold boots, titanium boots, personalised boots. . . . .sportswear giants such as Nike and Adidas can provide them. You want your name, address and telephone number on your boots? No problem. ‘Just do it’.
But there’s a price to pay. With a top end pair now costing upwards of £200, many footballers are desperate to prolong the life of their kit.

Enter the Paw! With the help of 3di, a truly excellent design company, I set out to create an effective, reasonably priced brush that could be used specifically for the cleaning of studded or cleated footwear, and which would help keep those expensive boots in good condition for longer.

The Technical Stuff: TygerPaw is constructed of ThermoPlasic Elastomer (TPE), a non-abrasive material which is strong, durable and waterproof. The base of the brush is made up of bristles of differing lengths and tensile strengths which quickly and efficiently remove ingrained dirt, grass and mud.

I hope you get as much pleasure from using the TygerPaw as I’ve had designing it. I can confidently say that it is the ideal tool for cleaning sports footwear.

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