Plant Watering Spikes: How To Water Plants When You’re Not There!

Last year I asked my neighbours to water my plants when I was on holiday. Naturally I offered to do the same for them but as they have teenagers at home this hasn’t yet been necessary, and as a result this year I have a problem. I’m only comfortable asking if I’m able to repay the favour… what with my tomato plants, containers and hanging baskets it’s become a full time job keeping them alive even if we don’t have a hot Summer and it’s a lot to ask of somebody else.

watering your plantswatering spikesIf like me you are starting to plan your holidays and you have a similar problem, or nobody you can ask to do this favour, you’ve also got enough to  worry about organising your break without worrying about your plants. Well now you and I don’t have to.

This 6 pack of Plant Watering Spikes really are the perfect solution to watering your plants when you aren’t at home. Whether they are outside or inside plants it’s simple, just attach a plastic bottle filled with water to the spike. Place it into a planter, hanging basket or pot and the water is gradually released keeping the soil moist and your plant alive! You can also add plant food to the water if necessary too. The adaptor included enables the spikes to fit more bottles and as well as keeping your plants happy you’ll also be helping to save water.

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  1. Cher Shives says:

    This is really a great idea!!I haven’t thought of this one…Thanks..

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