Expanding Hangers Are Now A Customer Favourite

Like the below reviewer I too am a skirt addict. My biggest vice because I already have far too many, but the two consolations for my husband (who is losing wardrobe space as a result) is that I now only feed my addiction with skirts only ever in a sale and I keep a strict and tidy order in the wardrobe… the less chaotic the wardrobe that we share is, the less likely he is to notice a new one.

So as any skirt addict knows, finding the right hanger can be a tricky business, but because Caraselle have been manufacturing them for over 30 years, they are the leading experts in this field and the selection couldn’t be bigger. If you can’t find the hanger you need at Caraselle, it doesn’t exist! Expandable skirt hangers are ideal for most of my skirts… if you are lucky enough to be given them when you buy great, but this doesn’t happen very often any more, hence my initial search for skirt hangers.expandable skirt hanger

These Black Expandable Skirt Hangers come in packs of 5 in a wide range of sizes – 6-8, 10-12, 12-16, 16-20. Similar are also available in Silver. Made from durable polypropylene with a swivel metal hook and spring loaded mechanism, they are perfect for the job of hanging skirts. They aren’t too bulky as many hangers are and they won’t put pressure on the waistband or zips. See what other customers thought of them below:

Review starReview starReview starReview starReview star Christine Hodgetts – Friday, 18th June 2010
I received these hangers yesterday and have now been able to get rid of some awful wooden hangers ( these were very bulky) The new hangers are extremely thin and take up little room in the wardrobe. They are just right for hanging skirts and trousers. First Class hangers and First Class Service.

Review starReview starReview starReview starReview star Adrienne Gear – Tuesday, 18th May 2010As a skirt addict, with a great many size 8 skirts, I found these just the right size to hold the skirts without too much pressure on zips and/or buttons at the waist. Also good for trousers of the same size.
space saving hangersIf you are very short of space make use of an even more space saving hanger to hang your skirts, such as this Metal SpaceSaver Hanger with Chrome Finish. This really useful spacesaving hanger features 4 bars & 8 Strong Adjustable Clips and is in fact ideal for most garments. It’s great if you have a full height wardrobe to allow the extra vertical space to hang the extra items, but without taking up much space across the hanging bar.
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