Tap Sprayer… Clean Your Sink In A Wink!

Before continuing with more details on the best way to store items in your Children’s bedrooms, I have to tell you about another recent addition to the site which I am particularly happy about. My Mother-In-Law just last month became the proud owner of a Pull Out Spray Tap and I was shown how wonderful it was (and yes it really is very useful). But I was loathe to buy a new tap to achieve a similar effect. Now you will understand why I’m so delighted to not need to buy a new tap, but instead buy a Tap Adaptor to turn my current tap into a Miracle Tap Sprayer! tap spray adaptor

If like me you are fed up with your tap splashing this will solve it because the swivel attachment that fits to your existing tap will ensure you never get soaked again. It’s easy to use and the rotating and tilting action means you will be able to reach the entire area of the kitchen sink.

You can rinse your sink clean with one quick sweep and the water restrictor means you’ll also be conserving water! Each Sprayer is supplied with a range of easy to fit connectors which match virtually every type of mixer tap. I’ve discovered it’s also great for cleaning my salad and vegetables, plus for dirty pans etc. that I want to give a quick jet to this is perfect.

* Designed for use in Kitchens, Bathroom s & Utility Rooms
* Eliminates Splashing
* Fits Most Taps
* Saves Water
* Pack contains various adaptors / washers

Now I’m the one who’s making people jealous, but everyone can easily buy one and start cleaning their sink in a wink too!

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  1. Judy says:

    i have one of the sprayers, and I use it for everything. They are great.

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