Children’s Storage Solutions: How To Get More Wardrobe Space!

It may be with a sense of dread that you find yourself at the beginning of the School Summer Holidays again! Apart from finding activities to occupy the kids and places to go that don’t cost a fortune, you’re faced with the continuous battle of keeping things tidy – much harder over holidays because they are there all the time!

It seems that childrens storage solutions are particularly important at the moment. Many of us who may have been looking to move house simply aren’t able to in current circumstances. So you may now find yourself short of space because of new babies, children simply getting bigger or sharing a room. Utilising that space and giving the existing rooms a makeover is always a winner with children and with the variety of storage products for small spaces now available it will be a winner with you too no doubt!

In this article I’ll start with the wardrobe because clothing can be a real problem to fit in, especially as they get older. Hangers are the key! The selection is vast and the range accommodates Children’s hangers from beautiful deluxe wooden hangers you’ll want to keep forever, to space saving hangers, and truely amazing value for money hangers that simply do the job! Wherever you fall in that search we have something for everyone because we know there’s more to hanging up your clothes than a bit of plastic and a hook!

Swivel Hook Hanger

Swivel Hook Hanger

If you’ve been searching for cheap children’s hangers, but don’t want to compromise on quality or space in the wardrobe there are some great value and quality hangers in our Children’s Hangers Range. Such as the Swivel Hook Hanger which is perfect because it has tie/belt bars and end loops to allow you have as much use from each hanger as possible and the swivel hook is really useful for hanging on the back of the door too.

Sold in pack of 10, one satisfied customer said they are:

“Great hangers! Perfect for my 3 year old’s wardrobe. Big enough to fit clothes up to about 10 years old”

Space Saver Hanger Packs are brilliant too, with 1 Space Saver Hanger Bar & 6 hangers per pack… they allow 6 garments to hang in the same space as 1!

If you’re fed up with having to keep buying new sizes of hanger as your children grow you would be interested in the Bendy Hanger. These hangers are fantastic for Childrens Clothes because you can change the shape to accommodate many styles & sizes of garments. The Small Bendy Hangers are available with the Rubber Coating and they will last for years because you can bend them to fit your childrens clothes as they move up through the sizes.

For more ideas on how to save space see ‘Struggling for wardrobe space? Problem solved with our brilliant space saving hangers!’ to show you how to ‘find’ space in your wardrobe!

Childrens Wooden Hangers

Childrens Wooden Hangers

If you’re looking for something really special you should take a look at these truely beautiful Deluxe Childrens Wooden White Hangers. They come in packs of 3 and have a non-slip trouser bar & notches. Each hanger is printed with a logo: When I grow up / I’m only little / Little Treasure.

The perfect size at: W = 30 cms ( 12″ ) H = 19 cms ( 7 1/2″ ) D = 1 cm ( 1/2″ )

There are other wooden children’s hangers to choose from such as the classic Wooden Hanger with Adjustable Clips. Very versatile, with non-slip grips on the shoulders, this High Quality Children’s Wooden Hanger is finished in natural wood and has a Chrome Swivel Hook.

No longer do you need to leave your children’s clothes or your accessories in a pile at the bottom of the wardrobe any more!!!

See the complete range of Childrens Hangers on site now! >>

Next time I’ll talk about childrens storage containers as another way to to get around storage problems in their bedrooms!

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