Brand New Childrens Hangers

I recently wrote about getting more wardrobe space in your Children’s Bedrooms – see Children’s Storage Solutions: How To Get More Wardrobe Space!, and since then another range of childrens coat hangers have been added to the range which are not only practical, but very appealing to your kids… who knows it may even make them actually hang up their own clothes! Huggable Hangers for Children

These New Non Slip Childrens Huggable Hangers are available in a range of designs –

for boys: Fun Star Design and Car Design, both in Blue, and…

for girls: Fun Bow Design and Heart Design, both in Pink

They are incredibly practical because they are an Ultra Thin Spacesaving Hanger and so take up less space in the wardrobe. Plus being made of a special flocked Non Slip Coating means the garments don’t fall off! The rotating swivel chrome hook means you can also put them over doors etc. by rotating the hook. Your kids will love them because of their fun design and you’ll love them because they are great value with prices from £1 each, you will be able get more of their clothes into the wardrobe and without them falling onto the wardrobe floor! They are the perfect size for childrens clothes at 33cm wide & 21cm high. Grab them before they go! … and see all our Children’s Hangers Range here >>

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