The quickest way to defrost a freezer

If you hate defrosting your freezer as much as I do you will be no doubt very pleased to learn that you no longer have to do it! Yes you did hear that right – no longer defrost your freezer or freezer compartment in your fridge. No I’m not talking about buying an auto defrost freezer! And yes, this is also a way to defrost your freezer without turning it off! That means no more removing all your foods and trying to keep them cold while you spend ages defrosting! What I’m talking about is an Anti Frost Freezer Mat. It will put an end to the time–consuming drudgery of manual de-frosting! Simply place in the bottom of your freezer or freezer compartment of your fridge. It’s that simple. quickest way to defrost freezer

There are other benefits too – such as the fact that no frost means no blockages in freezer drainage tubes. It will save you energy – and so saving you money as well as time!

Plus it will create more space in the freezer – allowing you to stock up on foods (when you see the bargains) rather than putting up with ice! Frost & ice reduce the room available for food & the fridge has to work harder & more expensive to run.

It is easily removed to wipe clean and at a size of 47 x 24cms. Why waste your precious time removing your foods from your freezer, then defrosting and then putting them all back in again! Save time, save energy and save money by using the Anti Frost Freezer Mat.

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