The Gorilla Mats – Grip Like A Gorilla

We recently had a new product which much to the delight of my husband I bought for Fathers Day. So great in fact did he think this product was that he immediately went out and placed it in the car. What was it? The Gorilla Grip Dashboard Mat – not just a great name, but a great idea too! It keeps loose items secure on your dashboard, such as Mobile Phone, Sunglasses, Coins, Keys etc. In this way it will ensure safe driving without distraction from your stuff moving around.Dashboard Mat

Funky CoastersIt has multi-application in Cars, Boats, Caravans, Homes, & Offices to guarantee your stuff stays put! Made of a durable material – it is resistant to heat & sunlight. This has proved a best seller with customers… as these type of products often do – such a simple idea, yet incredibly effective and perhaps best of all it doesn’t leave your pockets empty!

Also in this popular range is a pack of Gorilla Grip Coaster Mats. These funky coasters create a Non-Slip Surface for Cups, Glasses, Bowls & Bottles. As you would expect from coasters  they protect furniture from unsightly stains & rings. Of particular interest to myself is the Gorilla Grip Kitchen Mat. It’s perfect for holding the mixing bowl steady whilst whisking & beating etc.

Kitchen MatIt provides a non slip surface to secure Bowls, Cups & Glasses. However, it has a multi-application in the Kitchen, on Worktops & Serving Trays. Not only that I have found it perfect for holding my messy toddler’s (and baby’s) bowl steady when they are eating… far more effective than similar ones I have tried from childcare products.

So put simply…. it simply works! Technology by toastabags – so you know you can expect great things from these products!

Innovative and effective. Just what I (and many Fathers on Fathers Day) wanted!

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