Tea – How To Make It

My Grandmother always said ‘Tea should only be made in something with a spout, the milk goes first, the little finger sticks out’! Like others in this nation of tea drinkers she would only make tea in a proper teapot… but things have changed and whilst luckily tea is still a top drink by apparently over 55% of the population the way we make and drink it has certainly changed. There are many ‘rules’ about the best way to make tea – such as putting the milk first when making tea in a pot or if making tea in builders style – bag in the mug – then milk in after so that the hot water can still properly brew the tea. Whilst we all may now be aware of the benefits of drinking tea (it replaces fluids and contains antioxidants so it’s got two things going for it), these benefits are the same no matter what you use to hold your tea!

However, we have one product on the site which in honour of my Grandmother I believe changes the rules for proper tea to come from a pot – the Tea Tool!

However you have your tea you’ll be interested in this.

tea cup and tea bag with tea toolIt can be messy and fiddly getting a teabag out of your mug (or cup!)… do you grab it with your fingers and risk a scald from hot water?

Maybe you press the teabag against the inside of the mug with a teaspoon – but that never gets all the water out.

The solution to no-mess brewing comes in the shape of the teatool, which was invented by a doctor who couldn’t bear the drips from soggy tea-bags when carrying them from mug to the bin.

Available in black, red or blue and super easy to use:high tea tea strainer

1. Open the teatool and insert a teabag

2. Place in cup and pour in boiling water

3. Squeeze the teabag

4. Dispose of squeezed teabag

What they’re saying about the teatool:

“For those who simply can’t bear the mess involved with transferring a teabag from cup to bin, it’s a godsend”
Tom Parker Bowles, The Sunday Mail

“Squeezing out all the flavour, the teatool leaves your teabag drip free, meaning no more running to the bin with a soggy teabag dripping all over the floor… this is the no fuss way to start your day”
Alison Cork, Western Morning News

“Personally we think this is a great gadget”

“The marvellous teatool will ensure you never drop your teabag in your cuppa again”
Your Home Magazine

Get yours today to avoid further drips on the floor and burning fingers!

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