Microwave Steam Bags & Oven Roasting Bags Make Life Easier!

Our Kitchen Range is getting bigger and better all the time, and now we have some great Cooking Bags joining us. These bags are brilliant for ensuring you keep all the goodness in your food, for example the Microwave Cooking Bag (25/pk) turns your microwave into a healthy steam cooking system!

microwave steam bagsThese Microwave Steam Bags retain flavour & goodness better & quicker than any other cooking method and are ideal for steam cooking in your microwave. With many uses – use it with fresh & frozen Vegetables, Chicken, Fish & more. Not only keeping in all that goodness and flavours it also saves up to 75% in Time & Energy!

Another in this popular range is the Roast In A Bag Self Basting Oven Roasting Bag comes in a pack of 8 and are sized at 25 x 38 cm with tie closures. oven roasting bags

This Self Basting Oven Roasting Bag is incredibly versatile being suitable for Microwaving, Re-heating, Boiling, Freezing & Storing Meat & Vegetables. Normally you have to regularly baste meat in order to achieve the browning effect, but this bag ensure the meat stays brown without having to baste. The fact the food is cooked in it’s own juices means you get extra flavour, plus it retains nutrients & natural food moisture & flavours. Your oven will undoubtedly need less cleaning because it prevents fats from splashing AND there is no need to add extra fat, and so makes the meal much healthier. Each pack contains 8 bags for your Meat & Vegetables.

fish cooking bagNow I love fish, and I would eat more of it except I hate the smell that seems to carry throughout the house during and after cooking it. With CookaFish Easy Cook Oven Bags this isn’t a problem because not only does it retain all the juices and so keeping the fish succulent, but also it retains the lingering fishy odours! Again, it will keep oven trays clean & free from burnt on juices (again that smell!) and it’s great for adding herbs & spices inside for extra flavour. Available in packs of 10 disposable bags.

It’s not rocket science, but if you want your food to retain their flavours, keep your oven cleaner, keep cooking smells out of the house, save energy and save time, you can’t go wrong with these cook bags!

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