Microwave Steam Bags & Oven Roasting Bags Make Life Easier!

Our Kitchen Range is getting bigger and better all the time, and now we have some great Cooking Bags joining us. These bags are brilliant for ensuring

The Gorilla Mats – Grip Like A Gorilla

We recently had a new product which much to the delight of my husband I bought for Fathers Day. So great in fact did he think this product was that he

The quickest way to defrost a freezer

If you hate defrosting your freezer as much as I do you will be no doubt very pleased to learn that you no longer have to do it! Yes you did hear that

Automotive gift ideas!

If you're looking for the best car gifts for men (and lets face it men can be tricky to buy for sometimes)  we have 2 gadgets he won't be able to res

Make Do & Mend – Saving Money As You Sew!

While it's nearly 70 years since the printing of the famous 1943 government booklet on making the most of limited resources - Make Do And Mend is maki

Need a spider catcher vacuum? You need this!

Some people may be wondering what all the fuss is about, whilst others will be reading this thinking it a godsend… getting spiders out of your house

Coat Racks and Hooks

Apart from looking nice Coat Racks really are the best way to keep things neat and tidy. You could opt for Coat Stands, but they do take up more space

Tea – How To Make It

My Grandmother always said 'Tea should only be made in something with a spout, the milk goes first, the little finger sticks out'! Like others in this