Space Saving Hangers

Space Saving Hangers are proving very popular at the moment, and that’s not just with our customers. Having turned my bedroom into 2 to accommodate a new room for my baby (cheaper than moving house lets face it) I’m now left with a space saving mission! Wardrobe space is a premium and my current big hangars which came with my clothes are still taking up unnecessary space. Sound familiar? Well space saving hangers come in many forms! They prove that there’s certainly a lot more to hanging up your clothes than a bit of plastic and a hook! The range of Space Saving Hangers is big so below are just some of the customer favourites:

Space Saving Hanger – Space Saver Hangers Bar

Space Saver Bar

Space Saving Hanger Bar

This best seller allows you to hang six hangers from it either vertically, which is the way it is mostly used for shirts or trousers, or horizontally to hang six pairs of trousers or shirts. Customer reviews include:

Review starReview starReview starReview starReview star Catherine Allen, 2 months ago
Excellent space saving device. Will certainly buy again.

Space Saver Hangars Packs

Space Saver Hanger Pack

Space Saving Hanger Pack

For children’s bedrooms Space Saver Hanger Packs are perfect. Each pack contains 1 x Space Saver Hanger Bar & 6 x polypropylene hangers. The hangers are 33cms wide (13″) so allowing 6 garments to hang in the same space as 1!

Huggable Hangers

A real customer favourite, Huggable Hangers are now available in more colours especially for Summer! With Candy Pink, Navy Blue, Purple, Cool Grey and Citrus in the range, we know how popular these brilliant hangers are because you keep telling us how much you like them! So you’ll be glad to know with these great new additions we have more than ever.

Huggable Hangers Review

Space Saving Huggable Hanger

The name conjures up images of comfort and the hangers live up to this image with their Special Flocked Non-Slip coating to stop your clothes falling off and taking up less of your valuable wardrobe space being ultra thin!

Chrome Plated Suit/Jacket Hanger

Chrome Plated Suit/Jacket Hanger. Featuring Non-Slip Black Foam covering the chrome plated finish, with two really strong, super-grip Adjustable Clips. This modern and stylish hanger comes with an extra hook to use with more hangers and thus more space is saved!

Space Saving Hanger for Trousers / Suit

Space Saving Hanger for Trousers / Suit

Hanger Connectors

You may be asking yourself if there’s anything you can do to utilise the numerous hangers (and clothes!) you already have and still get extra space… well luckily those hangers don’t need to go to waste…

Hanger Connectors

Space Saving Hanger Connectors

Hanger Connectors are a simple but brilliant product allowing you to hang your hangers vertically and still make the best usage of your wardrobe space. Each pack contains 20 small polypropylene connectors which are 4.8cm ( 2” ) in length and 2cm ( ¾” ) wide. Something for everyone!

To find out more about our massive range of Space Saving and other types of Hangers keep an eye out for more articles this week!

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