Orphea Salvalana Moth Spray & what it can do to get rid of moths!

Orphea Salvalana Moth Spray and what it can do for you (to get rid of moths!)

If you are looking for a great all rounder anti moth product you have found it with the Orphea Salvalana Spray. But why is it and Orphea so great?

Did you know that Orphea is made in Italy using a natural formulation based on over 400 plant & flower extracts. Italian Cashmere is often packed with an Orphea product inside to provide amazing protection which is completely natural and will not harm the fabric. anti moth spray

So good in fact it is apparently the natural protection preferred by Piacenza Cashmere, (the Piacenza family has been producing some of the world’s finest cashmere garments for over 270 years so I think they must know about the best ways to protect delicate fabrics!). Unlike some Anti Moth Products it has a pleasant & unobtrusive bouquet and is particularly popular being safe & non-staining when in contact with garments. Complete protection but without the damage.

Now back to the moth spray in the Orphea range – Orphea Salvalana Spray. It is very versatile and really is the one to get if you get only one Moth Control Product. Because it’s in a practical & easy to use spray it’s ideal to use on heavy and bulky garments such as overcoats and can also be used on bedding, blankets and even carpets.

Talking of carpets, we are getting more and more customer enquiries about how to get rid of moths in the carpet because people are finding them when they are moving sofas or other furniture and so disturbing the moths. In this situation this Moth Spray really is essential. Plus just one 150ml bottle is sufficient to cover 60 square metres! It’s great also at refreshing anti moth products you may already have which are coming to an end. Not just for use in your home, you can avoid moths when travelling too with this Moth Spray such as in your motorhome, caravan, boat etc.

* Protect against Moths & Silverfish
* Ideal for carpets, upholstery, curtains, blankets etc
* Non – staining
* Made with a natural formulation
* A pleasant & unobtrusive bouquet

Orphea Salvalana Anti Moth Spray 150 ml – practical & easy, a moth spray providing long lasting protection of carpets,  blankets,  furs,  overcoats & all heavy & bulky garments…. plus protects against Silverfish as well as Moths. Here’s what a customer wrote:

I use this in the wardrobes and chest of drawers and have been delighted with the results – no moths. Smells nice too
Review starReview starReview starReview starReview star Leslie Findlay

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