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We have been investing heavily to eradicate moths in the UK and elsewhere because more and more we get enquiries about the best way to get rid of moths.

moths eating clothes

Orphea moth deterrents for moths eating clothes

Each time I write about this subject we get more phone calls from people wanting advice, so I wanted to let you know firstly that we now have a brand new ORPHEA MOTH BUSTING PACK which will save you over 12% on the 3 products included when bought separately.

At only £19.99 (saving £2.85) the Moth Busting Pack includes:


Orphea looks after even your most valuable garments, such as cashmere. Use one strip per drawer. The cloth has a perforation on it so that you can also hang it on a hanger. Will not stain.
12 strips in each packet

2. ORPHEA SALVALANA SPRAY (£10.99 | M/Pack £9.33)

A brilliant all-rounder! Perfect for use on heavy or bulky garments such as coats. Also ideal to use on your carpets, rugs and bedding to protect them without damaging them. This 150ml bottle is sufficient to cover 60 sq m


It’s fresh fragrance softly envelops your clothes and linen and the natural active ingredients protect them for up to 12 weeks. Hang one diffuser in each wardrobe compartment. For very large wardrobes, use two diffusers

I also wanted to remind you why Orphea is so great! If you are looking for a natural moth deterrent then look no further than Orphea. I mentioned recently it’s often used by Italian Knitwear Houses when packing cashmere to protect such delicate items. They know what they are talking about! But you don’t have to own cashmere to benefit! What’s more, you can get a free sample pack of the Orphea Moth Repellent Strips – see below. But be quick because this is a limited offer and stocks are running low.

moths eating clothes

Caraselle Direct Orphea range

Whilst Orphea is perfect and the new Moth Busting Pack great value for money, there are many different products to choose from in our complete Moth Deterrents Range. Of course this is only the beginning. They last a long time but when they do run out you must make sure you replace your moth deterrents to ensure continued protection from moths. Don’t forget also to wash clothes before you store them and include a Moth Deterrent in your storage bag. For more information on how to correctly store without danger from moths and many other tips, see the Free 10 Point Moth Guide which will give you information on everything you need to know about how to get rid of moths!

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