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If you are planning an adventure in your caravan this year, make sure you don’t forget to take one item to make storing your clothes much easier. Perhaps you  haven’t thought about Hotel Hangers to stop your clothes bouncing off the rail in your wardrobe, but as one customer found out that a Caravan Coat Hanger can certainly make a difference: hotel hanger
“Some time ago there was an article in the Club Magazine, about Hotel Type Coat Hangers, which a member had used, and so avoided the problem, so often encounted, where the hangers have bounced off the rail of the wardrobe, and all the clothes are on the bottom of the wardrobe, when you arrive at your destination. I thought this was a brilliant idea, but have had difficulty in tracing this type of hanger. I have now discovered who sell these hangers, as well as a large number of other items for caravanners. They do wooden or plastic hangers, and metal or plastic hooks. The advantage of the plastic hook is that they can be fitted without removing the hanging rail. Incidentally I have bought a second set of rings, so that the hangers can be taken straight from the House Wardrobe to the caravan.”
Others have followed this advice to their advantage as the below reviews show!
Review starReview starReview starReview starReview star
katherine crouch – Wednesday, 30th June 2010, 11 months ago
Purchased for my caravan, I’m fed up with the hangers bouncing off the rail. Excellent quality, also lightweight.
Review starReview starReview starReview starReview star Anne Thompson – Saturday, 10th April 2010, over a year ago
great buy for us now when we travel in our caravan our clothes will stay on the hangers hooray
Review starReview starReview starReview starReview star brian main – Monday, 25th January 2010, over a year ago
packaged well and arrived very quickly. happy with the product and service response time

hotel travel hangersNow available in a beechwood with a dark stain, these Hotel Security Hangers with No-Slip Trouser Bar with notches come with a chrome captive security fitting ( 4cm internal diameter ) 44cms wide ( 17 1/4″ ).

You can buy the Hotel Security Ring as strong polypropylene or as Metal Security Rings. They are

* Easy to fit on most Garment Rails
* Difficult to remove
* Strong polypropylene
* Added Benefit of being able to clip on and so can be affixed to stationary poles

Not only brilliant for travelling in a caravan, naturally these are perfect for all guest houses, hotels, gyms and restaurants. And with amazing multipack savings you can’t get better than these!

Don’t forget we also sell Garment Rails in many different sizes to put the Hangers on.

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