Caravan Coat Hangers New To The Range

If you are planning an adventure in your caravan this year, make sure you don't forget to take one item to make storing your clothes much easier. Perh

Space Saving Hangers

Space Saving Hangers are proving very popular at the moment, and that's not just with our customers. Having turned my bedroom into 2 to accommodate a

Moths Eating Clothes? Choose Money Saving Pack to Get Rid Of Moths!

Moths Eating Clothes?... Got Carpet Moths?... Want to know about Moths Prevention?... We have been investing heavily to eradicate moths in the UK a

Wooden Childrens Coat Hangers They’ll Love

Wooden Childrens Coat Hangers They'll Love For every blouse, every shirt and every suit – there’s a suitable hanger. And because we’ve been man

Orphea Salvalana Moth Spray & what it can do to get rid of moths!

Orphea Salvalana Moth Spray and what it can do for you (to get rid of moths!) If you are looking for a great all rounder anti moth product you have f

Acid Free Tissue Paper 750 x 1000mm. Now it’s even bigger!

Acid Free Tissue Paper 750 x 1000mm. Now it's even bigger! Being 750 x 1000mm our new size of  Acid Free Tissue Paper makes it ideal for wrapping la

Our Famous Pet Hair Rollers – Everyone has one! Have you?

"I didn't know I needed one, but I soon found out that I did" was a recent review from one happy customer and I think this sums up our Best Selling Ro

New To Our Range Of Car Accessories

It's no wonder so many people are interested in ways to make their car more comfortable.... with many of us apparently spending over 80 minutes a day