The Tyger Paw that the Customs did not want us to bring in!

Caraselle Tyger Paw Trainer Cleaner Removes Mud from Football & Rugby Boots, Walking & Hiking Boots, Sports Shoes, Carpets, Mats, Runners

tyger paw trainer cleanerThe Tyger Paw that the Customs did not want us to bring in!!! This product is so new in the Caraselle Range as we had a delay due to the name. The Customs thought we were bringing in live tigers when they saw the manifest.

This fantastic new product was designed to remove Mud from all types of Shoes & Boots & Carpets etc
Great for Muddy Football, Rugby Boots, Hiking Boots, Wellington Bootstyger paw to remove dried on mud
Use to remove dried mud on car carpets & mats
Ideal for getting mud off floor mats & runners
Use to remove mud from horse blanket
Tyger Paw is also a very effective Pet Hair Remover
Waterproof & durable design
Soft bristles easily remove mud from in between studs & moulded soles

So versatile, it gets the job of removing dried on mud from shoes, boots, carpets and much, much more. Plus… no tigers harmed!

Tyger Paw is a Unique Product & available on a limited supply initially, so get yours now! >

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