How to wash socks in pairs and not have to sort your washing!

Sorting the washing certainly deserves the word ‘chore’ – it seems endless, even if you don’t  have a house full of kids it takes time. Then you lose things in the wash – such as socks, or should I say one sock so that you are left with mismatched pairs. To get back some of this wasted time and stop it all from being such a chore, all you need is a little organisation at the start and a couple of simple, but highly effective products… such as sock clips. If you’ve asked yourself ‘are there any devices to stop you from losing socks in the wash’ then the answer to your question is  Little Feet Sock Pairers. How annoying is it when you’re folding your dry washing and end up with a pile of unmatched socks. Even if you do find the other sock you can guarantee they will end up separately in your drawer because you don’t have time to find the first one! Avoid this problem by using these Little Feet.

I automatically put my used socks into them and then into the Washing Basket. They are very durable, can be used over and over again, are designed for use with both the washing machine & tumble dryer, you simply push the socks into the Little Feet and place into the washing machine.

You should also check out these Sock Clip Reviews from our customers which say it all:

“Little Feet are such a brilliant invention – and at just under 60p each they are not exactly over-priced”

“I have had little feet sock pairers before and find them excellent. I bought some more for my family. Children’s socks (and gloves) can be put 1 pair in each hole, and great for organizing the wash if you can just be bothered to apply yourself. Socks stay paired all the way through. End of sorting headache! No more odd socks!”

“This product ensures no more hunting about to pair up socks after the wash. Robust bits of plastic do the trick”

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Little Feet Sock Pairers are available as a single pack of 5 (for 5 pairs of socks) and there is a special multipack saving on this product also.

So that’s your socks sorted, but what about other items you put in your wash? Well if you already use washing bags for your lingerie to protect them during the wash, why leave it there? net wash bagsWith lots of bags available now, not only will they protect your clothes, lingerie and more, but they can also save time on sorting once the wash is done. With the many varieties available there is nothing that can’t be bagged! – they’ll protect delicate clothing with sewn on beads and sequins for example, not just in the washing machine but the tumble dryer too. They’re great for shared washes – for families or students sharing a house for example.

The Caraselle Household Pack of Net Washing Bags consists of 6 items and when purchased in this special pack will save you 15%. This Family Pack will help protect all of your laundry and includes:

  • Childrens Net Wash Bag
  • Small Net Washing Bag
  • Large Net Washing Bag
  • Extra Large Net Washing Bag
  • Lingerie / Bra Net Washing Bag
  • Shoe & Trainers Net Washing Bag

Don’t ever sort after the wash again!

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