Get Rid Of Moths In The Kitchen & Get A Free Gift!

Get Rid Of Moths In The Kitchen & Get A Free Gift!

As promised we’re continuing our National Moth Week freebies by giving away a Free Gift of Food Bag Clips with our Anti Food Moth Trap. If you’ve got Moths in the kitchen this is the product you need! They provide protection with peace of mind, with no insecticide and no odour. They are efficient against food, flour and Indian meal moths. Anti Food Moth Trap

The kitchen is one of the biggest problem areas for moths, they are seeking out bread crumbs and similar so you need to ensure you find out which foods may have active moth larvae, such as bags of flour, pasta, cereals or rice… needless to say dispose of any any opened products, remove everything from the cupboard and thoroughly clean the entire area. It may also be an advisable precaution to freeze unopened packaged food because the cold treatment should kill off any larvae or eggs which may be present.

Place an Anti Food Moth Deterrent into the drawer/cupboard which is specifically for food areas. Our Anti Food Moth Traps are ideal because they provide effective protection with ZERO RISK FOR ALL FOOD AREAS.

Ensure any opened bags of food in future are airtight – which is why our Free Gift of Food Bags Clips are ideal to use in association with this product.

*Efficient against: Food, Flour, & Indian Meal Moths

*Principle Active : Pheromone without Insecticide

*No odour

*Protection with peace of mind

*Each pack contains 2 traps

Don’t forget, not only are we giving away a Free Gift with our Anti Food Moth Trap, but if you spend £25 or more we’ll give you a FREE PET HAIR ROLLER. Who would have thought it was possible to get rid of pet hairs and moths so easily?!

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