30% off selected Cedar Products

I mentioned the other day that National Moth Week is starting on the 17th April, so to kick off our National Moth Week Freebies we are giving you the opportunity to sample the Orphea Moth Repellent Strips product for free! We are running out of stock on these sample packs so don’t delay!! There’s no catch, just a brilliant product which we are so confident you will love, we are giving them away!


orphea moth repellentNaturally we hope you come back to us for the full product (Orphea Moth Repellent Strips) when you realise how great they are from our sample pack.

However, the freebies continue because in honour of National Moth Week we are also offering 30% off selected Cedar Products.

Use Voucher Code CEDAR30 on selected Cedar Wood Products to receive 30% off. But why is cedar so great for repelling Moths? Well while Cedar scent smells great to humans, it is repulsive to moths, which makes it an excellent Moth Fighter!

Plus, we want to remove Moths, but we want to do it in as humane a way as possible and for many people that is a big factor in Getting Rid Of Moths. Cedar is ideal, because being completely natural it will keep them away rather than harm them. It really is the safe and natural way to eliminate not only moths, but also odours in wardrobes, drawers and shoes.cedar hang up to get rid of moths

* Voucher code CEDAR30 can be used at Step 5 of checkout, is valid for one use per customer, excludes Woodlore products
Products included Ref: 185, 191, 389, 388, 187, 186, 1100, 1101, 1102

Remember, if you need further advice please don’t hesitate to get in touch, you can also get lots of information from our Free 10 Point Moth Guide, it is packed with top tips to help you with the the clothes munching moth menace!

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