Why You Need This Luggage Scale!

If you’re travelling, especially by plane, you should think about buying some Luggage Scales… why? Because perhaps now more than ever they are fast becoming an essential item in order to avoid a surprise when you get to the airport! Use them before you leave your house when doing your packing and you have the security of knowing you won’t get that shock at the airport! And these Luggage Scales have to be one of the most cost effective travel accessories available! Not only do they weigh your luggage with a maximum capacity up to 32 kg ( 75 lb ) but this luggage scale comes with a built in 1 metre tape measure and a memory function.
luggage scales

With two hands on the scale – the red hand weighs and returns to the top after removing the luggage, and the black hand stays in position to indicate the weight of the item after you have removed it from the scales, this is the memory function. Using this hanging scale means you will prevent those nasty & expensive shocks at the check-in when you find you have packed too much into your suitcase! Plus, this portable luggage scale is only H = 20 cm W = 8 cm D = 4 cm

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