Washable Door Mats for all types of flooring

Washable Door Mats for all types of flooring

It doesn’t matter what the weather, we all need door mats to protect the flooring in our homes. Who wants mud, dirt, leaves… who knows what else coming into their home and being carried all around? But, what should you look for when choosing one? You want one that will protect all types of flooring and is very hard wearing to be up to the job. An absolute must is a slip resistant backing – safety is obviously an issue here. But, also very important is that it’s washable! You’re going to have a hard time keeping it clean unless they are machine washable door mats… these ones are!

washable door mats

Washable Door Mats

They are great for all places in your house but ideal for:
Utility rooms and

It really is amazing the amount of extra dirt that is carried into a house when people don’t wipe their shoes – and you can therefore imagine how dirty your door mat will get – so a machine washable door mat is a must! – make sure your door mat is up to the job! We have many different options and sizes…. if you’re looking for something larger we also have beautiful machine washable runners in a variety of coordinated colours – and again they are machine washable runners!

Need something to stop dirt in it’s tracks? A good starting point for keeping out as much dirt as possible would be to use a Dirt Trapper Mat!

The Admiral Barrier Dirt Stopper Mat 50 x 80cms in Beige & Brown…

washable door mat

Washable Dirt Stoppper Mat

This superior door mat is 100% Cotton Pile. A washable door mat – machine washable at 40c, it is highly absorbent & fast drying and most importantly removes heavyweight dirt & moisture.

It has a slip resistant flexible PVC backing and protects all types of flooring. Being machine washable it’s easy to maintain and ideal for use as an entrance mat and for use in Doorways, Patios, Greenhouses, Porches, Conservatories, Changing rooms, Offices & Entrances.

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