Keep Food Fresh With Food Plastic Bag Clips

Pack of 6 x Plastic Bag Clips – British Designed & Made Assorted colours

Sometimes a product comes along which is so simple but incredibly effective –  and these Food Bag Clips are that product! I’ve been testing these clips myself to see if they live up to the high standards of other products and yes they do!!plastic bag clips

Perhaps you recognise this situation? I get up in the morning, make the coffee and put the toast on…. I don’t have the tie that came with my bread because they get lost or break and to be honest are too small to be bothered keeping to wrap around the bread again anyway. So with crumbs now all over the side I twist the bread bag, which naturally starts to untwist as soon as I let go and the whole process starts again next time I’m getting the bread out! However, the Bread Bag Clip stayed put and kept my bread fresh because it was properly sealed!

food bag clipsIt isn’t just bread though, I tried the clips on pasta bags, sugar, biscuits and so on…. brilliant on all because they DON’T REOPEN which I often find happens when using the sticky tape or twist provided with the food item.

Of course now there’s competition in my house… no longer do I have a problem with the bread, I’ve got the problem of  who I allow to seal the bread because my 3 year old son and 18 month daughter both want to use them!!!! Now if they can successfully use them… anyone can!!!.. and should!

So I’ll be going back to Caraselle Direct HQ telling them yes this product is both simple, effective and cost effective at only 99p for a pack of 6! I’ve certainly paid a lot more for fewer clips elsewhere which snap within a week! This is possibly the best 99p you could spend this week! Every house should have them!bread bag clips

* So easy & quick to seal a bag – just twist the clip
* British design & British manufacture
* Safe to use in the Fridge & Freezer
* Dishwasher safe
* Sold in a pack of assorted colours

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