Eco friendly products to get your bathroom gleaming!

Is it possible to get your bathroom really gleaming without using harsh chemicals? Yes and yes! You can get that just been cleaning sparkle – and you really don’t need chemicals to do it. What’s more this method of cleaning is far more economical, so it doesn’t cost you so much and it costs the environment nothing! What’s involved? Two things… the right products and a bit of elbow grease (that’s you!) When these products first came onto the site we were very excited because we always love products that are innovative and eco friendly – and these are friendly cleaning

The Aquo range of cleaners are particularly clever because they simply use refills and water to get the job done – each 750ml trigger spray is supplied with two refills – one concentrated refill capsule fills one 750ml bottle.
The Aquo Bathroom Surface Cleaner Spray has a wonderful Eucalyptus fragrance and really is the Eco-clever Bathroom cleaning spray. Just refill & reuse – up to 20 times! Not only that, it reduces excess packaging & excess C02 emissions and with such concentrated cleaning power you can leave your bathroom fresh & spotless ! Literally just drop in a refill – fill with tap water – shake & use – it’s that simple! Want to save the environment as well as your pocket? You’ll love these also because they are:

* Phosphate free
* Biodegradable surfactants
* Aquo refills are 100% soluble
* Bottle & packing are 100% recyclable

The Aquo Bathroom Surface Cleaner Spray & Refills, Eucalyptus fragrance is the new age of cleaning, being the true eco cleaner without sacrificing powerful cleaning. Also available is the Aquo Glass Surface Cleaner Spray & 2 refills with Fresh Mint Fragrance.

Want to go one step further? Make sure you use a recycled sponge to do the elbow grease! The Ecoforce Recycled Super Absorbent bathroom Sponge Scourer is perfect for all bathroom cleaning jobs… it wipes & scours, is non-scratch with an easy grip and great to use wet with cleaning liquid.

I’ll be going through other products I make use of in my bathroom next time! To see other bathroom cleaners, go the Carselle Direct site >>

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