Bathroom cleaning continues!!

Started an early Spring Clean on your bathroom? Last time I went through great ways to get a sparkling bathroom and all with eco friendly cleaners. I also wanted to remind you that there are ways to reach the unreachable areas of your bathroom if you’re doing more than a once over! We all forget certain areas when cleaning – whether intentional or not! – however, there comes a time when cleaning in the corners, high up and anywhere it’s tricky to do is necessary. What’s the best way to do it? Well for really hard to reach areas the Bathmatic Bathroom Cleaning Sponge has handle with extends to 18″, meaning it can reach almost anywhere in the bathroom!bathmatic cleaning brush

  • It can be used in the folded or extended positions with any suitable bathroom cleaner
  • The sponge can be removed for hand held use and has a non-scratch surface for lifting & removing dirt
  • It features a synthetic chamois surface for drying & polishing without smears

Finally… once your bathroom is gleaming, you should consider something many people don’t even think of, to save yourself all that cleaning around the window frame in the bathroom (caused by condensation and mould forming) use a Moisture Absorber to prevent the problem occurring. A wide range is available on site. I make use of the Croc Odor Moisture Absorber which is perfect for removing mildew, condensation and leaves my bathroom beautifully alpine fresh as an added benefit! (The lovely smell has now also replaced the musty smell that used to come from my shoe and wellie cupboard incidentally also, and so good at doing it’s job I got another one for the bathroom!) For small bathrooms the Mini Moisture Absorber is also great and leaves a lovely lavender smell. For more condensation removers click here >

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