The Best Weekend Travel Bag! Luxury Leather Bags

How is it that some people pack one bag and yet still have better items and more of them when they are away? Luxury Leather Travel Bag

There is a certain skill to packing and it’s something worth doing properly, especially considering the amount of times we regret what we take and the size of our bags!

Firstly start with a good luggage bag! One that is big enough to fit every you need but not too bulky – and looks good! The leather bags in our new Deluxe Leather Travel Range will do just that!

The Deluxe Saccoo Luxury Weekend Travel Bag:

Available in 2 sizes:
53 x 25 x 40 cms & 45 x 16 x 38 cms
In 2 colours:
Brown & Tobacco

Also available as a set.

Leather Travel BagNaturally you want something that has strong carry handles & ideally adjustable shoulder straps to make it comfortable and able to cope with everything you need for a weekend away. Inside these Luxury Weekend Bag you will also find useful compartments including a Key ring holder, so that you don’t have to go routing inside to find any small and very essential items that you want to be able to get to quickly and easily. Lined with luxurious cotton and designed by JanPaul Bosboom in The Netherlands, these Travel Bags will make a statement when you arrive at your destination wherever it may be!!

When packing them consider the following points to make your packing as simple as possible and your bag as well packed as possible – remember less stuff means greater mobility, so being a one bag traveller will also give you more travel options! Begin your packing with a list – all good things start with a list and this is no exception. A packing list will make you realise what you actually ‘need’ when you go away, not only what you ‘want’. Taking only what you need may seem obvious, but think about it before you begin packing and you’ll find you have more space for items you do actually need!

Fold clothing properly! This will this minimise space in your bag, and the best way to fold a top is to fold the sleeves into the torso and then in half so you end up with a rectangle. Make this really quick and easy with a Clothing Folder such as the Flip and Fold Shirt Folder.  If you are really struggling to fit in all your clothes consider a Vaccum Seal Bag – such as the Travel Vacuum Seal Bag Pack (2 bags per pack). This is a brilliant product for travelling because it reduces bulk in your bag dramatically!Deluxe Leather Bag

Use bags to keep items such as shirts looking good. Shirt Bags protect shirts, blouses, t-shirts and other items and are ideal to use for your laundry on the return trip! These are strong and durable bags, useful for storing many other items in your bag such as shoes too and keeping all your smaller items in one place!

If you are packing trainers using a Shoe Wash Bag is a good idea because it not only protects your trainers, but also your clothing! Make sure you stuff socks in shoes to make use of otherwise wasted space.

However you travel, make sure you do it in style with one of these beautiful leather bags as designed by JanPaul Bosboom in The Netherlands.

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