Muggi is the only way to carry hot & cold drinks!

We are always looking for innovative, new products… and muggi is certainly that. If you need a safe way to carry hot and cold drinks, you need muggi! Originally conceived by yachtsmen, David ‘Trotski’ Trotter, for use when sailing in rough seas, muggi is made from non absorbent and washable foam. The clever design means that it’s light and easy to carry, but also strong and secure. muggi holds your mugs, glasses or cups in four precision moulded slots.

Featuresmuggi to stop your mugs moving

* Insulating (keeps drinks warmer longer)
* Non-absorbent (stays clean and dry)
* Non-slip (perfect when out sailing)
* Washable (warm soapy water)
* Available in blue, red, green and black
* Recyclable

muggi to stop your drinks spillingBenefits

* The safe port-in-a-storm for mugs
* The smart one-handed tray
* Fits most yacht sinks (no broken mugs)
* Most mugs fit (and won’t slip out)
* Great value for money

How it all began…

What would be an accident-proof way of carrying mugs of tea in a Force 7? This was the question that was asked by yachtsmen, David ‘Trotski’ Trotter which led him to begin designs on muggi.

Two things he decided: you had to be able to carry the mugs one handed, so you could steady yourself with the other, and they had to somehow be snug in something, so they didn’t rattle around or smash.

Something that fitted in the sink would be great, especially when he discovered most sinks on yachts are a standard size – and so are most mugs (give or take).muggin on the beach

When he scribbled the design on the tablecloth he had the right idea, but only when he thought “foam” did it really come together.

Suddenly, there were a whole range of unintended benefits: flexibility so different sized mugs could be squeezed in; a great range of colours; non-absorbent – so they didn’t get sticky or dirty even after months of use; insulating…the list went on.

Better still they could be made not just in Britain, but on the south coast.

All of this just so you don’t get cursed for spilling tea next time you are sailing, or messing about in the great outdoors!

But it isn’t just for sailing in rough seas… muggi is just as useful for a host of outdoor occasions, from camping to working on site; enjoying a music festival to relaxing in your garden.

muggi is a great idea, a great product and a great solution! See it here in blue, green, black and red!

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