A Snow Shovel Gets You Out of Snow Quickly!

It seems over the last week some of us have experienced even more snow so who knows with the British weather what’s around the corner?!! If you are one of those who have been getting some February snow and if you don’t already have one, you should consider getting a snow shovel in your boot before you get caught out again! With the severe Winter weather we had last year I decided to take more precautions when travelling by car. Each year we all act as though it’s a big surprise that the cold weather and snow is here again, but it seems to be becoming a regular event.

telescopic snow shovel
Telescopic Shovel

My shovel became a very useful boot item during those  snowy conditions! Why not put my garden shovel in the boot when it snows you may be asking yourself? Because the telescopic handled shovels means that size is no longer an issue, and the Compact Double Grip Strong Shovel with Telescopic Handle is designed for easy use & easy storage and so ideal to keep in the car boot & caravan etc. It’s strong, robust & lightweight, with a practical size of 97cm long when fully extended and only 77cm when collapsed. It also has an advantage over a general garden shovel in that the blade is not rigid metal (which if you’ve ever tried to shift snow with an ordinary shovel you will know can be very hard work), but the blade is flexible and gets ‘under’ the snow, making it easier and more efficient.

It became invaluable when trying to get on and off my drive – and that’s before even leaving the house! So make sure you’re prepared! You may find like I did that this is the most important item to have in your car! Don’t get caught out ever again!

p.s. this shovel is not only for moving snow, it’s great at all the other garden jobs you would use a general garden shovel for!!

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