BANG! Fireworks Frighten Animals – Tips To Protect Your Pet

With 80% of pet owners having a pet who is afraid of fireworks, the bonfire season can cause real problems in many households. No longer are fireworks just a one night event, the bonfire season and the loud noises that accompany it create a stressful time for both pets and owners. However, taking advice on the best way to deal with the festivities can reduce stress for all!

Protect Your Pet By:

1 Providing somewhere secure for them to hide… both cats and dogs may want to seek out a quiet corner, but don’t try to tempt that out if they do

2 Closing all windows and drawing the curtains will help, and don’t leave them on their own if you think they are distressed

3 Walking dogs in the day and keep all pets indoors when fireworks are likely to happen

4 Not making a fuss of them if they do show signs of fear and never tell them off for this type of behaviour

5 Providing toys and a play area can help by creating a distraction. Playing with the toy yourself may encourage them to join in, but don’t force it

6 Ignoring the fireworks will show them that there is nothing to be scared of

7 Making sure they can’t escape if scared by a sudden loud noise – ensure you have microchipped them in case they do

8 Remembering that pets who are scared of loud noises can face the same problems on other occasions. Party Poppers and Christmas Crackers being pulled are other times to keep a close eye on your pet for signs of fear

For further information visit the RSPCA fireworks page: BANG! Fireworks Frighten Animals

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