Remember The Milk! Award Winning Milk Pourer

Whether you use dairy milk, soy milk (or chocolate milk!) sometimes pouring it can be annoying. I admit on tv it can funny – all Friends lovers like myself will remember the Joey Milk Pouring scene!

Not so funny when it’s you pouring it though! What’s the solution?

The Topster Milk Top Pourer – A British design award winning innovationTopster Milk Pourer

Topster is an innovative new product to make your life easier. If you purchase milk in big plastic bottles you will know how it can “glug” as you pour, making for messy splashes & milky tea.

Topster Milk Pourer Chocolate Milk

For more controlled pouring with fewer drips, attach one of these clever, spring-loaded pourers to the top. This award winning product really will make it much easier! Simply attach one to plastic milk bottles to simply pour & store milk. The benefits are numerous:

* No more repeated unscrewing & re-screwing of the plastic bottle top
* The well designed spout eliminates any mess & drips
* The easy reach spring loaded handle controls flow when pouring
* Easier access to milk for some of the Elderly & disabled
* Allows young children to become more independent by pouring their own milk
* Re-usable & dishwasher safe
* Topster fits most plastic milk bottles & different sizes
* It prevents a build up of milk at the bottom of the bottle & fridge
* Transforms the appearance of your milk bottle, turning it into an instant jug
* Co-ordinated to match the type of milk ie, Green for Semi-Skimmed etc

Customer testimonials

“No more drips. The Topster has changed my life”

“The Topster is brilliant – so simple”

“I can pour milk myself, for the first time in years”

“Top marks. Every milk bottle should have one”

“The Topster controls the flow of milk amazingly”

“The Topster has re-invented the way I pour milk”

“Every home should have one”

So now you too can benefit from something even Joey knew about years ago!! Remembering the milk will be all you need to worry about now!

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