Childrens Sledges Now In Stock!

Childrens Sledges Update!

Our sledges proved so popular that some of the sledges mentioned in our previous blog (below) have sold out… but maximum fun can still be had with some new sledges now in stock… such as:

childrens sledgesThe Delta Red Sledge…

This King of Sledges is really strong being made of high quality polypropylene and complete with a rope. Made in Britain.

The Speed Sledge…childrens sledges

Manufactured in Britain and suitable for children ages 4 years & upwards (aximum weight limit 50 kg). The Speed Sledge has a rope pull, conforms to British Standard BSEN 71 and is CE approved for ages 3 +. Get really speedy with this one! Measuring L = 92 cms W = 38 cms  H = 14 cms

With more snow forecast and predictions of a White Christmas don’t want to get caught without one of these brilliant sledges!


We have immediate stock of three fantastic Sledges manufactured here in the UK. We suggest you buy now ahead of the winter snow when many retailers rapidly run out of stock as was the case last year! There are three really strong sledges made in high quality polypropylene in this range – the Bobkat Red Sledge, Omega Blue Sledge and Delta Blue Sledge.

Childrens Sledges

The Bobkat Red Sledge

  • Made in Britain
  • Sleek & fast
  • Complete with rope
  • Suitable for children 3 to 13 years old or maximum weight of 60kg
  • Available in red
  • 92 x 39cms ( 36” x 15” )

The Omega Blue Sledge

  • The deluxe model
  • The BIG ONE !
  • Graceful & elegant in shape
  • The real speedster on the slopes
  • Complete with rope
  • 1m x 46cms ( 39 ¼” x 18” )

The Delta Blue Sledge

  • Made in Britain
  • The King of Sledges !
  • maximum fun for all children over 3 years old
  • Complete with rope
  • Available in blue
  • 93 x 51cms ( 37” x 20” )

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