Bra Hook Extenders – Bra Extenders 3 Hooks and 2 Hooks

I recently went through some great new products added to the Bra Angel Range, (‘The Modern Bra Turns 100 This Year… ‘) but one product in particular is proving so popular with you it’s become a clear best seller.

bra extenderBra Extenders – 3 Hook Extenders & 2 Hook Extenders

Sold in packs of 3 with assorted colours : white / black / flesh

Bra hook extenders will give a you a little extra bandwidth on your regular bras and this is a real plus if you gain weight. Also often needed if you become pregnant because they are ideal for adjusting your bra to allow it to grow with you and your expanding ribcage at the beginning of your pregnancy and reduction at the end.  Three hook bra extenders are for use with larger sized bras like DD cup bras and upwards. Extenders come in packs of three, white – black – flesh.

Bra Hook ExtendersEven washing your bra on slightly too hot a wash can leave a bra feeling constricting and unwearable, and when they hurt, they can make your day pretty unpleasant! This is a however a great way to modify your favorite bra so you can keep wearing it, so it still can fit like a glove. Bra extenders are a small extension piece that is easily fitted to the clasp area of your existing bra, and adds up to a few inches of additional circumference for the times that you need it. They are cheap to buy and can save you a fortune on bra purchases.

Hooking onto the hooks of your existing bra they work really well with virtually any kind of bra and are available in a variety of widths and hook numbers. They are a really great way to keep you comfortable and can be used as either a temporary measure or for long term use.

Each Pack Includes 3 bra hook extenders and they are available as 3 Hook Extenders or 2 Hook Extenders.

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