2 Free Gifts Promotion for Halloween!

Don't be scared, but I wanted to let you know about a Monster Offer this Halloween! We're giving away a Pet Hair Roller Sticky Brush (worth £4.50)

Bra Hook Extenders – Bra Extenders 3 Hooks and 2 Hooks

I recently went through some great new products added to the Bra Angel Range, ('The Modern Bra Turns 100 This Year… ') but one product in particular

Where Are My Glasses? Specs-Holder Solutions!

With so many of us needing glasses you would think we would have an easy way to make sure they are easy to find at all times. Some people have the

Remember The Milk! Award Winning Milk Pourer

Whether you use dairy milk, soy milk (or chocolate milk!) sometimes pouring it can be annoying. I admit on tv it can funny - all Friends lovers like m

Our Latest Newsletter & Why You Should Get It!

There are many benefits to subscribing to our Newsletter (see below), but probably the best has to be the Discount Vouchers and Special Offers we send

Childrens Sledges Now In Stock!

Childrens Sledges Update! Our sledges proved so popular that some of the sledges mentioned in our previous blog (below) have sold out... but maximu