Mystery Shopper Reveals All!

I admit it… I always wanted to be a Mystery Shopper, what a great job! Well with this ambition in mind I took it upon myself to try out the Caraselle order process and customer service to see if I could catch them out! (plus I needed some household items anyway!!) So I wanted to let you know how it went, what I bought and perhaps most importantly, why I bought the things I did and how they are performing!

I obviously have the benefit of knowing the many special offers that are available, so I knew that if I spent £25 I would receive a Free Pet Hair Remover Brush, thus saving me £4.50! Luckily, spending £25 was easy to do and here’s what I bought:

freshenerCroc Odor Moisture Absorber

This Moisture Absorber is suitable for all rooms & spaces and is great to help prevent mildew & nasty odours. With a spill proof container it gives a wonderful smell with alpine fresh natural extracts. Why? Because my ‘walking cupboard’ is becoming a bit musty – muddy dog towels, wellies and boots, dog lead, gloves in Winter… need I say more? It’s worked brilliantly and no more smell, so I’ll be buying another one now that I know it can tackle such jobs – this time for the cupboard that contains my food recycling bin! I’ll let you know if it’s up to that challenge…

Talking of bad smells with all the nice weather we’ve been having, trainers are becoming a bit of a no go area in our house since certain people insist on not wearing socks with them (not cool), so my next purchase was a:

Trainers Washing Bagtrainers washing bag

Made with a double layer of mesh and padded, the bag has a zip and zip protector which protects the contents on the bag. It also prevents snagging. Enables you to wash your trainers and shoes in the washing machine, with reduced noise and importantly the padded bag protects the drum of the washing machine. The bag will remain closed during the wash. Why? Lots of dog walking and trips out to the park have meant the trainers are starting to look a bit sad (and smelly). Yes it did the job – it stayed closed throughout the wash and everyone can wear their new looking and smelling trainers again! Plus, when not in use I put it in the washing basket to keep any delicates separate from the rest of the wash… perfect!

Kilrock Descalene Descaler

cleaning ironcleaning  ironA powerful multi purpose descaler with 2 x 50g doses per pack and is ideal for descaling larger appliances. Also suitable for kettles, irons, coffee machines & shower heads. It’s safe & easy to use.

Why? My iron is starting to need some tlc because it’s being threatened with the bin. This product has rescued it however and I’ve saved some money in the process! Only comment – shame it doesn’t come in packs which contain more than 2 doses because I now need to descale my kettle and washing machine.

Now to the problem of the ironing board cover…

COWHIDE Design 100% Cotton Ironing Board Cover

iron coversGood quality Ironing Board Covers manufactured by craftsmen in the UK which feature a thick foam backing. They are very easy to fit. Available in multiple designs. Why? Because ours has been around since I was a kid I think! The foam backing on this one however really is very thick and improves the finish… the main reason if I’m honest is the fun design which looks brilliant. Does it make the job of ironing more enjoyable?! Well for now it has reduced my ironing mountain because others are helping out – who would have thought a cowhide ironing cover would do that!
I placed my order on Sunday lunchtime and it arrived on Tuesday morning, plus there was a handwritten note with a £5 off voucher inside… and the FREE Pet Roller? Ok, I knew about this one, but there’s nothing like getting a free gift!

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