Is September the new Christmas?

Is it ever too early to start thinking about Christmas? If you’ve been listening to the radio, tv or reading the paper then no it isn’t too early! According to recent media news the beginning of September is the beginning of Christmas… so infact I’m late! If like me you’ve been getting every pre-Christmas cold going then you’ll know that it must nearly be Christmas! So in preparation over the next month I’m going to start spending some time going through great ideas for Christmas – from decorating the house, wrapping presents, what to buy and lots more.

It’s started me thinking about what presents to buy and this year to make sure I buy them on time and I’m ready so that I can actually enjoy myself rather than doing everything last minute in a mad panic – whether present buying, cooking or decorating. Not only does that mean I’ll have more time to enjoy myself during the Christmas break, but it also means I’ll save money. Some people prepare so much in advance they do their present buying during the January sales! In this spirit I want to let you know about the first of many great deals – I should call them early birds because if you don’t take advantage of them early enough they’ll be gone!

You may not immediately think of Velcro when you think of Christmas it’s true, but these Velcro packs are already some of our top selling products, and now they are brought together in one handy Christmas pack which is half price!

Velcro Christmas Pack - Half Price

What isn’t included in the pack probably isn’t necessary because this covers pretty much all aspects of decorating and wrapping to make your job much easier! The packs are sold individually also but this VELCRO® Brand Christmas Pack is currently only £10.97 saving you 50% and includes:

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