The Modern Bra Turns 100 This Year… even more products added to the Bra Angel Range!

I recently went through some great new products added to the Bra Angel Range, (‘The Modern Bra Turns 100 This Year… ‘) but there are now even more products to help you get the most out of your bra which I wanted to tell you about.

Bra Extender – 3 Hook Extenders 3 per pack assorted colours : white / black / fleshbra extender

Bra extenders will give a you a little extra bandwidth on your regular bras and this is a real plus if you gain weight or become pregnant. Three hook bra extenders are for use with larger sized bras like DD cup bras and upwards. Extenders come in packs of three, white – black – flesh.

Even washing your bra on slightly too hot a wash can leave a bra feeling constricting and unwearable, and when they hurt, they can make your day pretty unpleasant! This is a however a great way to modify your favorite bra so you can keep wearing it, so it still can fit like a glove. Bra extenders are a small extension piece that is easily fitted to the clasp area of your existing bra, and adds up to a few inches of additional circumference for the times that you need it. They are cheap to buy and can save you a fortune on bra purchases.

Hooking onto the hooks of your existing bra they work really well with virtually any kind of bra and are available in a variety of widths and hook numbers. They are a really great way to keep you comfortable and can be used as either a temporary measure or for long term use.

Each Pack Includes 3 Bra Extenders and they are also available as 2 Bra Extenders.

You may also be interested to know that the Bra Angel Range now also stock Backless, Strapless Bras

The Bra Angel one piece Backless, Strapless Secret underwired bra with adhesive sides is an ideal solution when wearing revealing dresses, tops, wedding dresses, etc, where a regular bra with it’s straps and bands would spoil the look. It is a quality strapless and backless bra, with moulded pads and underwire support, ideal for use with bridal wear and evening dresses where a conventional bra style or format is required but without straps.Backless Strapless Bra

A fabulous new stick on bra designed to provide support and natural uplift. The Bra Angel Backless Strapless secret Bra has no uncomfortable shoulder straps, no bra seams and back bands. It fits to your bust secured with special hypo-allergenic adhesive tapes at the sides [2 pairs of tape and 2 Bra Angel wipes are supplied with the product and further or additional tapes can be purchased separately].

An ideal choice for all strapless and backless applications and will suit most bust sizes A to D cup’s. N.B. As there is no bra back band it is not necessary to calculate your regular bra size; you need only buy your regular ‘cup size’. For more details check the site.

The Bra Angel Comfy Straps

Get Max protection from your bra straps digging into your shoulders with The Bra Angel Comfy Straps. They might Fit in seconds but they will give you comfort for years!

Bra Angel Comfy StrapsThe Bra Angel Comfy Straps, are a fantastic 2 in1 product because not only do they stop your bra straps from slipping, but they also prevent discomfort from your bra straps digging into your shoulders.

These soft silicone strap holders sit on your shoulder, then you open the flaps on the top and fit in your bra straps. The flaps close over your bra straps. Your straps are held in place all day long and you should have less marks from your straps too.

They are designed to relieve pressure and improve bra support, especially for larger sizes.

Discreet under clothing and user-friendly, with no sewing required. Made from medical-grade silicone. One size fits all bras.

Great for stopping bra straps from slipping off your shoulders or digging in – they fit in seconds, but they will give you comfort for years!

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