Keep Guests Happy! Over The Door Storage & Welcoming Tips

Following on from my last article, we’ve now gone through how to make the best use of Vacuum Storage Systems to create some extra space for your guests (and you!), so they now hopefully have some drawers, closet or wardrobe space to store their clothes. Now we want to make use of hidden storage areas, especially if you don’t have a guest room and the lounge/dining room/study is being used as a make-shift bedroom for them. In this case space will really be tight and it may not be very inviting! So now we’ll find some hidden areas for them to make use of, plus some tips to ensure they feel as comfortable and welcome as possible… even if they are sleeping on a sofa-bed in the lounge!

When thinking of areas that can be used for make-shift storage, people don’t often consider the back of the door, but this is an ideal way to give that extra bit of space needed without making the room looked cramped,  plus it can be removed if not needed in future. An item such as an “Over the Door Closet Organizer” is ideal because it fits over almost any door and allows you to make use of this hidden space.

Over Door Closet OrganiserThe patented sliding latch system allows the organizer to fit over doors up to 6cm thick and this provides a really simple solution allowing you to create extra hanging space in your bedroom, dormitory, laundry / utility room or bathroom. It features an extra mini hanging rod, is strong, robust and really easy to assemble.

Folding Bar Over Door HangerIn the same range is the ‘Over Door Folding Hanger Bar’ which folds away when not in use. The latch system allows the hanger to fit over doors up to 5cm thick. It holds garments neatly and installs & removes instantly. Moulded ridges prevent hangers from sliding and you can hang up to 5 hangers neatly spaced apart.  Dimensions:  Height =  31 cms ( 12″ ), Width  =   6 cms ( 2 3/8″ ), Depth  =  26 cms ( 10 1/4″ ) when extended.

A recent addition to the Overdoor Hanger Range to choose from is this Deluxe Chrome Over Door Hanger which has 10 Strong Hooks & Multi Coloured Ceramic Balls, providing  extra hanging space with a modern & stylish design.

Hanging Organisers are brilliant for providing that bit of extra space, not only great for when you have a guest staying, but also useful for children’s bedrooms too.

Over Door Hanger The 11 Pocket Over Door Hanging Organizer is an attractive storage solution for tight spaces and guest areas. Even when in place the door will close easily – one reviewer said it was:

Review starReview starReview starReview starReview star carolyn swain, 7 months ago
Excellent, robust and just what i wanted

However, if the above doesn’t provide quite enough space for your guests then Clothes Stands are another great solution.

This one will stand out for the way it looks as well as for the amount of trousers, belts, jackets, scarf, hat and even shoes that will fit on it. Standing at 180cms x 45cms (71″ x 17 3/4″) this Chrome Finished Clothes Stand makes a statement of style in any room. Clothes Stand Valet Stand

It says high quality, good taste and a practical way of storing clothes and keeping them in good shape. Naturally the fact it can be moved makes it ideal for unexpected storage solutions.

Don’t forget detail in arranging your guest area… we often forget to provide a place for guests to put their suitcase, dirty clothes or provide a bin/tissues/mirror/alarm clock. Adding a plant or flowers is a nice touch too and putting a couple of towels on their bed before they arrive means they don’t have to ask! If you really want to spoil them, think about putting a magazine on their bed and don’t forget to make the room smells nice!!!

However beware, taking the above steps may mean you have problems getting rid of them!

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