Give Your Guests Some Space!

It’s the same problem every year… you have guests staying but aren’t prepared which means the little space you have for them to stay in isn’t adequate… or inviting! Let’s face it, for many of us guests stay in either one of the kids bedrooms (the child has moved into another bedroom for the duration of the stay!) or the lounge/dining room/study is used as a make-shift bedroom. Storage can be a problem so this year be prepared and check out these space saving solutions to give you and your guests some space, plus tips to make their visit as comfortable as possible.this can be used to prevent moths eating into clothes

We should start with removing unnecessary items to clear some space. Even if you aren’t clearing space for guests, as a general rule you should make your storage more efficient throughout the year by making use of vacuum storage systems to store away seasonal items and thus not overcrowding your wardrobe, underbed storage or indeed loft area. To create wardrobe storage for your guests in a family bedroom think about using a Hanging Vacuum Organiser which compresses your clothes safely inside a special bag and takes up to 5kg in weight of clothes. Vacuum Organisers such as this will free up some much needed space in your wardrobe.

Volume Reducing Vacuum Storage Chest

Make use of  Vacuum Storage Volume Reducing Chests to reduce the bulk of storing jumpers, pillows, blankets, duvets, sheets by up to 60%!

For under the bed a Vacuum-Seal Space-Saver Underbed Storage Chest is ideal for packing away bulky items in a small space.

So that’s your bulky and out of season items stored away, you’ve already created more space for yourself and your guests. What about during their stay though? If you don’t have a guest bedroom there are some things you can do to give them some space and make them more comfortable.

Hopefully the above should have enabled you to allow your guest to have some empty drawers, closet or wardrobe space to put their clothes and other items. Space Saver Hanger

Thinking of the wardrobe space, make best use of it by providing Space Saving Hangers, such as the Space Saver Hanger Bar. This best seller allows you to hang six hangers from it either vertically, which is the way it is mostly used for shirts or trousers, or horizontally to hang six pairs of trousers or shirts. Customer reviews include:

Review starReview starReview starReview starReview star Catherine Allen, 2 months ago
Excellent space saving device. Will certainly buy again.
Review starReview starReview starReview starReview star elaine turner, 3 months ago
Great idea! And apparently the only one available. Certainly saves space for hanging shirts. Reasonable price. well made. Glad to have found it!
Review starReview starReview starReview starReview star Catherine L Gannon, 7 months ago
Excellent space saving idea. Very useful. Bought another 3.

…so now you can get more out of limited wardrobe space. Next, you need to think of areas that can provide make-shift storage… but for now I’ll leave you creating all that extra space in your house!

Next time I’ll go through hidden areas for giving them somewhere to put their things and tips for making them feel welcome and comfortable!

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