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How much time do you spend in your car? According to a 2001 study adults between the ages of 35 and 44 spend the most time at over 80 minutes a day! Whether you’re driving or a passenger it’s quite a lot of time! So you won’t be surprised to know that people are more than ever trying to make it as comfortable as possible. Products such as car fresheners, neck pillows for passengers and items you should leave in the boot for longer journeys or business trips are being used now more than freshener

Let’s start with the smell! Car fresheners are now available in many different varieties and you can now even get that lovely new car smell from your freshener! – far cheaper than buying  new car let’s face it!

These can be suspended from the rear view mirror or onto the air vent with the clip supplied. Available as “I Love You” with the fragrance of Amber of Touaregs, Carbonne & Poison both have the fragrance of a New Car (they will give you that wonderful aroma that you associate with brand new cars), Ying Yang with the fragrance of Lotus Flowers and Ladybird with the refreshing fragrance of Vanilla. Ok, so the car now smells great!

travel neck pillowWhat about comfort? If you’re in the car for long spells of time, perhaps on a holiday, it can become pretty uncomfortable for the passengers, especially if you’re trying to get some sleep. But comfort items such as neck pillows and eye masks aren’t just for plane journeys… make use of these to make the car travel more comfortable too! Get comfortable with this easy to inflate & deflate neck pillow, put on your eye mask and get some sleep while you can!
velcro hem fix

Items such as Hem Fix and Lint Rollers are always good to keep in the car. Imagine the scenario of driving to a business meeting, only to get out of the car to find your dog’s hairs all over your jacket or the hem of your skirt/trousers undone. The Mini Pocket Size Roller Brush has approximately 2.8 metres ( 9ft ) of adhesive paper and is ideal for travel measuring only 16.6 cms long ( 6 1/2″ ) 3cms diameter ( 1 1/4″ ). Lint Roller Refills are available also. Talking of business trips travelling with extra clothing, especially suits can be a problem.

travel hangersThe Travel Garment Carrier for up to 8 Suits / Dresses is ideal for travelling by car with clothes or as a salesman’s travel hanger. This strong Clothes Carrier can carry up to 8 Suits (or Coats/Dresses) and is made in 4oz coated water resistant nylon. The long heavy duty zip is reinforced with twin needle seams and at the top is a thick black cord to keep all the hangers together when carrying the clothes bag. There is an ID pocket on the front.

With the severe Winter weather we had last year I decided to take more precautions when travelling by car too. Yes, wellies in the boot… but just as important my shovel became a very useful boot item during the snowy conditions last year! Size is no longer an issue, because the Compact Double Grip Strong Shovel with Telescopic Handle is designed for easy use & easy storage and so ideal to keep in the car boot & caravan etc. It’s strong robust & lightweight, with a practical size of 97cm long when fully extended and only 77cm when collapsed. Don’t get caught out next Winter!

Whether travelling by car, caravan, plane or boat, you can find more travel accessories online to make your journey as enjoyable as possible! >>

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