Back To School: Fabric Marker

Nobody said having kids was easy and during the holidays most of us realise how true this is! But now that holidays are coming to an end and we no longer have to worry about how to keep them busy we have something else to worry about. Getting them ready for school! This also means getting their uniforms ready – clean and properly labelled.

There are several ways of doing this and some people buy ready printed labels to either iron or sew into the clothing. However, if you have more than one child you have to order more than one set of labels and you have no option to change it once done. Using a Marker Kit you can set your individual text & change it if necessary! See below for the most effective & professional way of marking school garments (both light & dark) with names etc.

Fabric Marker Kit – Ideal for School UniformsFabric Marker

* Fabric Marker Kit with a built – in textile ink pad

* This is a very effective & professional way of marking garments (both light & dark) with names etc

* Pack contains:
1 stamp & pad with Black textile ink pad
One set of letters (264 letters & characters) : 4mm font size
One pair of Tweezers
One Fleece strip 50 x 60 mm

* This is  very simple to use & you can set your individual text & change it if necessary.

* The fabric dye is washable for most absorbing fabrics ( cottons,  polyester & most blended materials ).

* Non – toxic ink

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